Friday, June 1, 2018

Allergan Bails!


I hate being right when it comes to pharmaceutical companies abandoning antibiotic R&D.  But Allergan just announced that they are putting their infectious diseases unit up for sale as I predicted might happen back last November. They seem to be concerned about their falling stock price according to the Reuters report. But finding a buyer at the right price in the current market atmosphere is not going to be easy.  The most logical customer would be Pfizer since they own the rest of world rights to Allergan’s North American antibiotics Teflaro and Avycaz. But rumors suggest that Pfizer is not happy with the antibiotics market either. 

Once again we will have antibiotic developers retiring, unemployed or working in other therapeutic areas. Once again, the world of potential investors in antibiotics will be shivering in their closets. 

Until governments take concrete steps to shore up the failing antibiotics marketplace, we will continue to see companies abandon the area.  We may see biotechs fail simply because they are unable to garner the private investment they need or have no buyers for the products in development. 

With every incident such as this one, we take another step closer to that post-antibiotic era that we all dread so much. 

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