Tuesday, August 11, 2015

World AMR Congress

I am writing today to inform you about a meeting that will take place in Washington October 19-20 this year. I am highlighting the meeting in my blog because I think it is of such a broad and unusual character for a small meeting format and because the topics covered are so important.  The agenda includes everything from drug discovery in large pharma, mid-size pharma, biotech and academia.  The clinical development of new antibiotics will also be highlighted by various companies.  Clinical development strategies and the regulatory approach to antibiotic development will be debated.  The federal government's role in antibiotic discovery and development will be covered by the horses themselves - the NIH and BARDA in the US. The important topic of pull incentives for antibiotic development including so-called de-linking and models for such will be discussed. The Pew Charitable Trust will be there. Antimicrobial stewardship is on the agenda.     The schedule incorporates plenty of time for discussion both during the sessions and in more private settings.

There seem to be two key weaknesses in the agenda.  First, the regulatory agencies, FDA and EMA,  seem not to be represented among the speakers.  Secondly, the meeting would have benefited from a greater European presence.  This is especially unfortunate since that is where much of the action is occurring these days. But these downsides aside, the agenda is already broad and interesting.

Your's truly will be there to help keep things moving along and to challenge speakers with questions in my inimitable style.

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